Vincent Charlot, L´Écorché de la Genette 2012 Rosé Saignée – Extra brut

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Vincent Charlot - 2011 L’Écorché de la Genette Rosé Saignée Extra Brut.
I have enjoyed this marvel 8 or 9 times in the past - I craved it once again yesterday! People who are not yet convinced of the merit of Rosé Champagne should try this one. I am blown way by it - it is such a structured, intense and elegant Champagne. The color is just beautiful - deep salmon with pink hue. The mousse is caressing and delicate. Smooth and coating.
The fruit is pure and stringent loaded with unripe raspberries and forest berries. Mineral driven.....highly. Chalky andso intense. The level of acidity is very high - razor sharp. But it fits the wine so well. What makes @champcharlottanneux wines so special is that you can feel and taste the land. You sense that the wine are made with utter respect in terms of the soil. His style is deep and complex balanced by the acidity and either very little or none dosage. This one being a perfect example. Best Rosé Champagne out there. #champagne #mardeuil #Rosechampagne#vincentcharlot #extrabrutvinimport

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Vinbonde:Vincent Charlot
Område:Mardeuil - Champagne
Terroir/Jordbund:Én mark på 0,15a "La Genette"
Drue:90% Pinot Meunier og 10% Pinot Noir
Dyrkning:Certificeret økologisk og biodynamisk
Fremgangsmåde:Lagret 11 måneder på fad. Selvfølgelig uden indblanding af alt muligt snavs og endeligt flasket uden tilsætning af snavs. Vinene sikres med en lille knivspids svovl.

Ingen malolaktisk gæring, ingen filtrering, ingenting!

Dosage = 5 g/l

Produktion:917 flasker biodynamisk vin og hver enkelt flaske er nummereret.
Alkohol:12,5 %
SO2:10-30 mg/l total.

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